Creekwood Ranches Board Meeting 20 Oct 2011

Meeting was called to order at 1915  by vice  president Brian Horton. Present were Jon Hanson, Paulette Standard, Donald Skrovan, Joanne Beissner, Robbie Brown,Carole Stegman, Cathy Smith. 

Paulette Standard made arrangements for Smokey Mo’s to provide lunch for annual meeting to be held on 29 October.  Asked for input on meat – decision was made to limit to 2 meats and those meats would be sausage and brisket.  Cost to have 75 plates will be $677.92.  Smokey Mo’s will set up lunch.  Dessert will be purchased by Paulette and will be cookies and/or cupcakes. 

Gurnie King has agreed to pull the hay wagon.  Hay wagon will leave at 1700 (5 PM) from the Creekwood Ranches park.  Residents should have treats available at end of driveway for trick or treaters and these treats can be handed out by resident, left for pickup or a piñata can be filled and hung with a stick provided for the kids to bust the piñata and take the treats.

Carole Stegman posted notice of the annual meeting at the front entrance to Creekwood. 

Carole, Jon, and Cathy agreed to bring  garbage cans to the annual meeting for the purpose of trash disposal. 

Carole to purchase 15 mums to be used as “door prizes.”  Tickets will be given out – one per family.  Tickets will be drawn and prizes awarded based on the tickets.

Financial reported to be provided by bookkeeper to treasurer, Joanne Beissner and Joanne will lead discussion at annual meeting. 

Robbie’s son in law will pick up tables and chairs for picnic at Brauntex on Friday, 28 Oct..  Don Skrovan will pick these up from Robbie’s house and will get these set up (with other board members) on Saturday morning.  Setup to begin at 0900 on 29 Oct.  David Brown made reservations for tables and chairs and covers.  Don S will return to Brauntex on Monday morning (Oct 31).

Quorum for meeting will be 40 residents will annual POA fees paid.  Motion was made by Jon Hanson to present proposed limitation/cap on expenditures that can be approved by board members for the purpose of non-maintenance and/or repair expenditures, specifically special purchases, by the Board of Directors.  The cap will be established at $500 per purchase and any purchase to be made that exceeds $500 will require approval by a majority of a quorum of the membership. Brian Horton seconded the motion.  Robbie Brown to provide 50 copies of proposal for members review during annual POA meeting.

Jon Hanson nominated Brian Horton as president, Dave Brown as vice president, and Don Stutsman as secretary. Seconded by Don Skrovan.

Board members voted for offices to be filled as follows:  Brian Horton, president; Dave Brown, vice president; secretary, Don Stutsman; treasurer to continue is Joanne Beissner. 

Brian Horton agreed to create a contact list in email that can be used for sending correspondence to residents. 

Brian suggested outgoing president Dave Brown provide comments/issues to be presented at annual meeting.  Board members and residents are encouraged to seek proxy votes from residents not planning to attend annual meeting. 

Carole Stegman made motion to close meeting. Seconded by Jon Hanson.