Meeting Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Creekwood Property Owners Association

29 October 2011

(Compiled from notes kept by Carole Stegman)

The meeting was called to order at 11:45 AM by Pres. Brian Horton.

As a quorum had not yet been met, President Horton provided a general overview of the agenda. He asked each board member to introduce themselves to the members. Pres. Horton then provided a short briefing to the members concerning items of interest to the Property Owners Association.

Outgoing secretary, Mrs. Robbie Brown, read a letter from outgoing president David Brown submitting his resignation from the position of president due to his employment travel schedule. Also noted was the fact that at the September 2011 board meeting Mr. Horton was elevated to the position of president.

Sec. Brown read the minutes of the 2010 annual meeting.

Board Member at Large, Jon Hanson, discussed the Creekwood Property Owners Association website and encouraged all members to use the site for information concerning the subdivision and Creekwood Property Owners Association activities. He stated the e-mail address listed on the website allows anyone to submit questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Mr. Donald Skrovan, Unit IV representative and member of the architectural control committee, stated there were no news or information to report concerning the Architectural Control Committee.

Pres. Horton commented there had been one request for information regarding requirements and restrictions prior to building a new home in the community. Also reported was the fact there had been issues regarding acceptable building materials and overall height of three fences in the subdivision. Pres. Horton announced a quorum had finally been reached. He announced Carrie Gustafson had decided she did not want to continue on the board. Pres. Horton nominated Carole Stegman as her replacement and all members approved by hand vote.

Board Member at Large, Carole Stegman suggested the Creekwood Property Owners Association residentsí directory be published on the website stating it was no different than being in the telephone book. She said it would also save the expense of producing it yearly along with the associated postage costs. Pres. Horton asked the members for their comments. Mrs. Margaret Ousset objected to the idea citing, that anyone could go to the website and; therefore, solicit individuals with requests or sales pitches, etc., she also believes it to be a privacy issue. Pres. Horton advised the Board would look into the matter further.

Ms. JoAnn Beissner the Treas. read the treasury report. She also discussed $2000 in homeowner dues still outstanding. Ms. Beissner stated it was our duty as Creekwood board members to collect the money and as you, the members are our neighbors, we do not want to place liens on the properties but they will be filed if the debts are not paid. Mrs. Beissner also stated our expenses were less this year since we did not have the yard sale or a Halloween children's party. Hopefully next year we can have more functions such as the yard sale and a dumpster for everyone to get rid of their junk. Pres. Horton asked those assembled if they were interested in having these events when all replied yes, Pres. Horton stated we need volunteers to put it all together.

Margaret Ousset made a motion that the budget be accepted as read and Helen Pratt seconded the motion. The motion passed and the budget was accepted.

Mr. Potter asked about getting a streetlight fixed at the corner of Creekwood pass and summer Meadows. Pres. Horton advised him a board member would call Pedernales Electric Company to have it repaired. He stated there is no charge associated with it and we pay a monthly fee for the streetlights which are maintained by the electric company.

Names were drawn for door prizes consisting of the table centerpiece mums.

Having achieved a quorum of 40 qualified property owners, President Horton introduced a motion to amend the Creekwood Ranches Property Owners Association By-Laws to place a Cap on non-maintenance and/or repair expenditures, specifically special purchases, by the Board of Directors of the Creekwood Ranches Property Owners Association. That Cap will be established at $500.00 per purchase without the consent of a majority of a quorum of the membership. This limitation shall not apply to the normal operating expenses of and for the Association and/or necessary maintenance or repair costs incurred by or for the Association. The motion was seconded by Donald Skrovan. The motion passed by vote of 39 for to 1 against.

Donald Skrovan motioned the meeting be adjourned and the motion was seconded by Helen Pratt. All members are proving the meeting ended at 12:25 PM and lunch was enjoyed by all.