Creekwood Ranches Annual Meeting
October 30, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 1220pm by president Warren Otterson. Board members present were introduced as follows: Vice-pres & treasurer-Carole Stegman, Unit one rep Ed Beissner,,at large David Brown,Unit two rep-Kim Brann,at large-Carrie Gustafson-unit three, Unit four rep-Donald Skrovan,Secretary-Helen Pratt.

A quarum was confirmed so an official meeting could begin.

Minutes from 2009 annual meeting were read by C. Stegman,John Ousset motioned to accept as read, seconded by Don Stutsman. Treasury report was read by Warren Otterson. Gary Southard asked about dues outstanding and if any past years had been collected. Carole Stegman, treasurer advised there were some dues received from previous years and at present there were 24 owners who have not paid. There will be certified notices mailed out advising if not paid leans and associated fees would be filed on their property . Mr Southard wanted to know what money the association had in the bank. Caroleadvised there is a 20,000 CD that has eekwood Ranches reserve funds should there be law suits, major damage to our properties etc.earned 800 dollars interest. There is also a liquid 5000.dollar money market account. These accounts are Cr

Warren Otterson addressed all about voting for revising the bi-laws and restrictions. He also advised that an attorney was hired to review the proposed revisions and the attorney had advised they were in accordance with requirements of our bi-laws and the laws of Texas. Mrs D.Klutz asked if some proposed restrictions meant that you would have to get permission to even paint your house and oter minor improvements. Don Stutsman, who was instrumental in the redesign of the bi-laws and restrictions answered her question. He explained the majority restrictions she was referring to have always been there, they have not always been followed up on . The majority of items being changed are primarily to allow the use of modern technology. Doctor Otterson called for voting on the proposed bi-laws and restrictions..Don Stutsman made the motion to vote and it was seconded by Ms. Brown. The results were 46 votes for revising bi-laws and restrictions and 7 against. John Ousset moved to accept the new bi-laws and restrictions and it was seconded by Don Stutsman. The new bi-laws and restrictions shall replace the old and will be posted on the web site and refiled at the Comal county court house .

Warren Otterson asked the assembled if anyone would like to be on the POA board .He stated many board members term was up and wanting to retire. C. Stegman nominated Jon Hanson for unit four. Mr Hanson accepted and it was seconded by W. Otterson. J. Ousset nominated Kathy Smith for unit three.MS Smith accepted and I was seconded by Jan Otterson. C.Stegman nominated Paulette Standard for unit two. Ms Standard accepted and it was secoded by K. Brann. J. Ousset nominated Brian Horton for unit one. Mr. Horton accepted and it was seconded by C. Stegman. Mrs. Skrovan nominated JoAnn Beissner for treasurer Ms.Beissner accepted and it was seconded by K.Brann. Ed Beissner nominated Robbie Brown for secretary. MS Brown accepted and it was seconded by C.Stegman

Tickets were drawn at random and there were 12 lucky winners of large mum plants.

Warren Otterson made the motion to close the meeting at 1.05 pm and it was seconded by Mr Beckman.

Respectfully submitted by Carole Stegman & Hellen Pratt