Creekwood Board Meeting Minutes
May 14, 2010

Creekwood ranches board meeting May 14,2010

The meeting was called to order by V.P. Warren Otterson at 7:10 pm. . President Frank Julian was not in attendance as he has verbally resigned as a board member.

The front irrigation system was discussed and felt to be inadequate. 850 $ of the contract has been paid,and the remaining 820 $ has been withheld pending suitable corrections. It was recommended by David Brown that a certified letter be sent to Acacia Landscape mandating corrections or the remaining 820 $ be withheld . Carole Stegman and Warren Otterson must be present when corrections are made.

The Stop and Shop is scheduled for June,19 from 8am to 12 noon .This will be advertised with signs and @ mail. After the garage sale there will be a picnic for POA members. Games will be organized for the kids.

The updated by-laws will be posted on the Creekwood Web soon. Revision of the restrictions and covenants are being reviewed by Don Stutsman and after board approval will also be in the Creekwood Webl .Legal consultation will also be obtained. THIS WILL BE PRESENTED AT THE 2010 ANNUAL MEETING in October.

Unit 4 restrictions expire Nov 1,2010 and will be updated before that date.

4 liens were filed for non payment of 09 assessments.


Helen Pratt