Creekwood Ranches POA board meeting

July 14, 2011

Attendees: Joanne Beissner, Kathy Johnson, David Brown, Donald Skrovan, Donald Stutsman, Jon Hanson, Robbie Brown

Meeting called to order by president David Brown

Minutes from last meeting were read and approved

First order of business discussion of website and whether to allow for residents to post advertisements. Vote was to remove existing ads and not allow ads to be posted.

Ms. Brown made nomination to forgo yard sale for this year due to no advance planning. Mr Hanson seconded and voted was unanimous to not have yard sale.

Mr Hanson asked about the dumpster and it too was vetoed.

Discussion surrounding water tank and trailer used for watering front entrance was in need of repair. Ms Beisser moved that if estimate for repairing the water tank and trailer were less than the ceiling stated in the Creekwood bylaws, the committee would move forward to get water tank and trailer repaired. In addition, if estimate to dig post holes for signs at front entrance fell below the ceiling, Mr Brown would move forward to get contractor to complete this job. (post holes would be used for posting notice of meetings, etc)

Donald Skrovan stated there was nothing to report by the architectural committee. However, observation was that property owner Jesse Lovell was continuing to ignore requests to get his fence that was in compliance with POA requirements.

Jon Hanson agreed to take on responsibility for updating Creekwood POA website.

Date, location for next board meeting to be determined.

Master Care is contracted to care for front entrance and treasurer, Ms Beissner noted they recently increased their billing. Upon reviewing contract, it was noted the price per month is $107.25 so previous months were underbilled.

Mr. Hanson will update board member info on the Creekwood POA website.

Mr. Hanson moved to close the meeting and Ms. Joanne Beissner seconded. Meeting was closed.