Creekwood POA Minutes – 22 September 2011


Attendees: Donaold Skrovan, Joanne Beissner, Dave Brown, Carol Stegman, Jon Hanson, Paulette Standard, Kathy Smith, Brian Horton, Robbie Brown


Meeting called to order by Dave Brown.  First order of business was review of financial statement presented by treasure Joanne Beissner.  Documents presented were Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, and a listing of unpaid dues.  Per Ms Beissner, all property owners who are indebted by more than $100 in unpaid dues have been given notice and liens have been placed on the property.  Robbie Brown made a motion to approve financial statement as presented and Jon Hanson seconded.


Mr Brown asked board members if they plan to continue in their position into next year.  Robbie Brown stated she is resigning.  All other board members present plan to stay in positions for upcoming year. Positions to be filled at annual POA meeting are Vice President and Secretary. Carol Stegman indicates she is interested in position as Unit 3 rep in the event is becomes open.  Carrie Gustafson was not present so it is not known whether she plans to continue in position or not.  Dave Brown will call to inquire.


Carol Stegman reminded Creekwood POA is tax exempt and she has tax id number if it is needed.


Mr Skrovan mentioned Ted Campbell has been warned to get POD removed from his drive and to either repair or remove his fence as it is in poor state. 


Discussion then focused on annual meeting to be held on 29 October at Creekwood Ranches park. Joanne Beissner moved to hold meeting on this date and place and Jon Hanson seconded. 


Joanne Beissner volunteered to call Smokey Mo’s,  Bill Miller’s, Grady’s and Granzin’s barbeque restaurants.  She will order meal for 75 people based on prices.  Dave Brown will call and arrange for tables and chairs and table covers from Brauntex Rentals.  Dave Brown and Donald Skrovan will cover the pick up and set up of tables and chairs.  Carol Stegman agreed to  pick up Mum’s for door prizes – will get 15 mums. Meeting sign in will begin at 1100 with an 1130 start time and with lunch to be served at 1230.  Carol will check with JohnOussett to borrow his PA system to be used at the meeting. 


Carol Stegman to get directories printed at UPS – agreed to get 65 copies to be made available at meeting and to mail to those POA members that ask.


At meeting, Robbie will get folks to sign in while Unit Reps and treasurer will check roster to determine if dues are paid.  POA members will get voting card, if and only if dues are paid in full at time of meeting.  Joanne will determine if quorum is present and will let President Brown know (quorum is 25% of members – that means that 40 of the 158 POA members must be present for a quorum). 


Next discussion was Halloween – will there be a hayride.  Suggestion is yes.  Chaperones and trucks to pull trailers are needed. Carole agreed to seek volunteers for Halloween.


730 PM on 13 October will be next board meeting at which time annual meeting plans will be solidified.  Will plan for Halloween based on availability of volunteers for the hayride, games, etc.


Carole Stegman will post signs (?) for annual meeting.  Robbie to get notice of meeting prepared and presented to board members for approval.  Dave will get agenda to board members at meeting on 13 Oct.  Info going to POA will include Proxy form for those who cannot attend to present to neighbor for bringing to meeting or to mail in for proxy vote to be counted. 


Discussion started by Carol Stegman reference the fact there is no dollar limit on what could be spent by board member before a vote is required.  (quorum vote).  Vote of board members s to have $500 limit that can be spent for “improvement and safety issues” by board members.  Carol made motion to approve and Pauline seconded.  This motion is to be presented at annual meeting for a vote. 


Comment made that we have to encourage neighbors to get involved.


Donald Skrovan made nomination to adjourn meeting.