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Deed Restrictions                                     Unit 2


   THAT Village Craftsmen, Inc., a Texas Corporation acting herein and through its duly authorized officers, being the owner of Creekwood Ranches, Unit 2, a Subdivision in Comal County, Texas a plat of which is duly recorded in Volume 5, pages 198-203, of the Map and Plat records of Comal County, Texas, does hereby make and publish restrictions, reservations and covenants which are to apply to and become a part of all contracts of sale, deeds and other legal instruments whereby title or possession of property in said subdivision is divested out of the present owner and vested in any other person or party. All property in said subdivision shall be conveyed, held and used subject to said limitations, restrictions, reservations and covenants all of which shall run with the land. Said restrictions and covenants shall be enforceable by all persons who shall own property in said subdivision.

   THE limitations, restrictions, reservations and covenants hereby adopted and published are those set forth in Exhibit "A" attached hereto and made part hereof as though copied here in full.