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Deed Restrictions                                     Unit 3


   That VILLAGE CRAFTSMEN, INC., a Texas corporation acting herein by and through its duly authorized officers, being the owner of Creekwood Ranches, Unit 3, a subdivision in Comal County, Texas, a plat of which is duly recorded in Volume 7, pages 75/76, of the Map and Plat records of Comal County, does hereby impress all the property included in such subdivision with the following restrictions, assessments, and easements, which are to apply to and become a part of all contract sale, deeds, and other legal instruments whereby title or possession of property in said subdivision is divested out of the present owner and vested in any other person or party. All property in said subdivision shall be conveyed, held, and used subject to said restrictions, assessments and easements shall be enforceable by all persons who shall own property in said subdivision.

1. All tracts shall be used solely by single-family residential purposes.
2. No portion of a tract less than the whole thereof may be sold, and no tract may be resubdivided without the written approval of Village Craftsmen, Inc., its successors, assigns or designees.